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Main Project Information
Goal Understanding Childhood Development better
Task Report developmental milestones (e.g., "started crawling")
Where Global, anywhere on the planet

Most Early Childhood Development (ECD) assessment tools start by filling a questionnaire designed by ECD experts. Call this the "external expert driven" approach: an external expert --- the questionnaire designer --- is assumed to know best what and how to measure ECD.

Baby CROINC (CROwd INteractive Clustering) takes a different, citizen science oriented, approach which is based on these assumptions:

1) Each parent is an expert on the ECD of her/his child(ren)

2) ECD is too complex to be captured by any single questionnaire

3) Algorithms can help parent explain and understand ECD differently

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Project Timing Ongoing
Social Media
Special Skills Parenting experience, English speaking
Ideal Age Group Adults, Families
Ideal Frequency Just once
Average Time Less than an hour
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity At home
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Tags child development, childhood development, childhood milestones, early childhood development
Project Updated 04/21/2017